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Accounting and Accountability

Dec 31, 2020

Team Faw Casson reviews the Consolidated Appropriations Act, the new round of PPP loans available in 2021 and other updates in the Act.  Brian discusses Charles Ponzi, the namesake of the Ponzi Scheme.  

Dec 4, 2020

Faw Casson discusses tax planning tips for 2020, updates on PPP loans and the Delaware Relief Grant, and the newest tax scam making its rounds.  

They then take a look at the rise and fall of Theranos and its founder and destroyer, Elizabeth Holmes. 

Nov 6, 2020

Brian and Tammy review the necessity of year end tax planning and the newest updates on PPP loans.  Then we review the story of Kenneth Star, financial advisor to the stars. 

Oct 23, 2020

Faw Casson reviews some of the differences between President Trump's and Presidential Candidate Biden's proposed tax law changes as we head toward the election.  Then we take a look at the Queen of Mean: Leona Helmsley.  

Oct 9, 2020

Tammy and Brian catch you up on PPP loan forgiveness, DE grants, and changes for 1099s and the story of the rise and fall of Arrow Trucking and Doug Pielsticker.