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Accounting and Accountability

Dec 16, 2022

In this episode:  

  • We review itemization rules and strategies for 2022 returns. 
  • Tax season will end on April 18, 2023, but don't leave your preparer in a bind by waiting until the last minute.
  • Certain digital currency and digital asset transactions are taxable.  Make sure you know what to report.
  • IRS interest rates are on the rise for 2023.  

Also, Carly Horton, the Area Operations Manager for the Delaware Department of Labor Division of Employment & Training, talks to us about some amazing opportunities from the State of Delaware for continued education.  She provides all the details you need as a small business to provide your employees with opportunities to continue their training or become trained in new areas through the Elevate Delaware program.   If you're interested in further details for your employees, reach out to Carly at