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Accounting and Accountability

Episode 50: ERTC program estimates $2 trillion in fraud

Sep 23, 2022

In this episode we discuss:

The Secure Act 2.0, which includes the EARN Act, is currently in Congress.  Listen in to hear how it may impact you and your business if passed.

October 17, 2022 is the deadline for filing your personal and calendar-year C-Corp returns.

Authorities estimate the ERTC program has resulted in...

Sep 9, 2022

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Forgiven student loans are not taxable on a federal level, but your state/locality may be different.
  • The IRS has announced that they will give relief for the failure to file penalty for 2019 and 2020 returns.
  • The IRS is enhancing focus on compliance for Subchapter – S...

Aug 26, 2022

In this episode we discuss: 

  • The Inflation Reduction Act has passed.
    • There are energy improvement credits available.
    • The electric vehicle credit has been revamped.
  • The IRS has been given additional funding for improved customer service and agents.
  • There are small business startup funds available for...

Aug 12, 2022

In this episode:

  • The IRS is keeping a watchful eye on cryptocurrency transactions.  Make sure you know your facts.
  • Additional childcare covid relief is now expired.  Have you planned for your 2022 tax return accordingly?
  • Are you donating a car or large item? Know what is required for your taxes.
  • The Inflation Reduction...

Jul 29, 2022

In this episode:

  • The Build Back Better Bill (BBB) is currently being held from passing as-is.
  • The IRS assessed 37.3 billion returns for civil penalties in 2021.
  • US Citizens working overseas must still pay US taxes, although some specific situations may be excluded.
  • There are currently 9.3 million paper returns from...