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Accounting and Accountability

Feb 26, 2021

Faw Casson reviews deceased taxpayers eligibility for stimulus checks, paid sick leave credits, IRS notices that were mistakenly sent and PPP loan updates.  Then you'll hear the tale of Robert Smith, a leader who make a few mistakes. 

Sep 25, 2020

Brian Stetina and Tammy Ordway review the Payroll Tax "Holiday", the IRS sending notices to people who have already sent in checks for tax bills, and Delaware Relief Grants.  Brian fills us in on some tax deductions that sound outlandish, but have been approved by the IRS.  

Aug 20, 2020

Brian Stetina and Tammy Ordway review the current questions plaguing business owners in Delaware, Maryland and beyond.  Tammy tells of the white collar crimes of Marcus Schrenker, the financial advisor who attempted to fake his own death after robbing many of his investors.