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Accounting and Accountability

Jan 28, 2022

This episode highlights:

  • The IRS expects further delays for taxpayers as we head into tax season.
  • Taxpayers are encouraged to file early and electronically to avoid major delays in processing.
  • The Advanced Child Tax Letter: Letter 6419 that was sent out by the IRS may not be correct, as it was sent out the day BEFORE the last payment.  Please use your bank accounts to confirm what you were actually given to avoid further delays in processing.
  • The IRS encourages taxpayers to apply for a PIN to reduce the chances of identity theft.

Our guest this week is Alan Kovitz, a business coach from Elevations Unlimited.  As a recently published author, Alan talks to us about discovering your personal core values, realizing how valuable what you offer is, and what it means to be a business coach.