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Accounting and Accountability

Dec 29, 2023

In this episode:

  • An overview of what the government may have on the horizon for 2024 for the Research and Development Credit, Bonus Depreciation, and interest deductions.
  • The IRS continues to fight false Employee Retention Tax Credit claims.
  • An explanation of Section 1202 of the Tax Code.
  • A look into tax credits for builders of energy efficient homes.
  • The tax rules for vacation home rentals.

We also hear from Quintin Richardson, the owner/operator of Legacy Fit 302, LLC.  Quintin talks to us about taking the leap from idea to business model, the joy helping others brings to him, how to juggle being a dad of (almost) 2 with his business goals, and how he helps his clients realize their fitness potential.  Find him on his website at or on Facebook at