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Accounting and Accountability

Jun 2, 2023

In this episode:

  • The IRS is still revealing plans for the $80B of Congressional support.
  • We review what amended returns are and the current IRS processing timelines.
  • The next due date for estimated taxes are June 15th.  
  • We discuss why timely estimated tax payments are so important.
  • The possible add-back of Maryland State Taxes paid on Federal Returns.

We also hear the white-collar crime story of Scott Tucker, a man who seemingly had no compassion for his fellow man.  Scott opened several Payday Loan operations, with aggressive underhanded tactics designed to trap borrowers, many of whom were already living paycheck to paycheck, into a never-ending spiral of debt.  He also used Native American tribes to conceal his ownership while he bought luxury homes, a private plane and an entire race car team.